Automotive ECU Market Is Expected To Grow At A Impressive Cagr Of 6.07% By 2022

Industry Trend Analysis
In 2012, the global Automotive ECU Market was valued around USD 27.48 billion and is expected to reach roughly USD 52.87 billion maintaining a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.07% over the projected period owing to increasing concentration on cost actuated by the strict regulations in the automotive ECU industry.
Rising implementation of ECU in electric vehicles, due to rising energy efficiency awareness is likely to be a key driving factor for the global market. The automotive ECU has application over several segments involving utility vehicles, commercial vehicles, and passenger cars. Rising spending on automotive ECU’s research and development to build low-cost parts for a variety of electronic control systems is anticipated to drive the growth of the global market. Strict government policies for superior safety features, alleviated by economical ECU development are projected to boost the growth of global automotive ECU market over the forecast years. Ecological trends have an incredible impact on the powertrain field with growing implementation of ECU in electrically powered vehicles.

Competitive Insights
The key market players in global automotive ECU market are Autoliv, Inc., Continental AG, Delphi Automotive PLC, TRW Automotive, Robert Bosch GmbH, Denso Corporation, and Hitachi Automotive. Continental AG has been the leader in the global market subsequent to Bosch and Denso.

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Automotive ECU Market Segmentation-
By Application
Safety & Security Systems
Entertainment Systems
Powertrain Electronics
Communication & Navigation Systems

Electronics Automotive ECU Market By Region:
Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa)
North America (U.S, Canada, Mexico)
Europe (Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Rest of Europe)
Asia-Pacific (Japan, China, Australia, India, South Korea, Rest of Asia-Pacific)
Rest of the World (Brazil, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Others)

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Application Outlook- Automotive ECU Market
The global automotive ECU market can be split according to the application into communication & navigation systems, powertrain electronics, chassis electronics, entertainment systems, and safety and security systems. Safety and security systems section is anticipated to be the leading section through the projected period. The communication and navigation systems section is projected to show high growth outlooks. This expansion can be assigned to rising customer demand for comfort and convenience features. Navigation systems and connected telematics systems need an increasing amount of embedded software in an attempt to handle a rising number of services like better website access, communication management, and HMI technologies.

Regional Outlook –
Exponential expansion in the logistics market aside from growing information regarding drive safety is anticipated to fuel the growth of automotive ECU in the European region. Rising demand for navigation and telematics systems in European regional market is anticipated to be a key trend in this market. The expansion of gestures control units & proximity sensors, low-cost digital radio installations and natural language voice key to connected services are the few factors that likely to boost the growth of European regional market. Asia-Pacific region is anticipated to experience considerable growth during the forecast years. This can be assigned to growing safety installations per automobile with measures like China V for light-duty automobiles. Demand in North America regional market may differ owing to decreasing high modification to innovative technologies.

List of Tables
Table 1.Automotive ECU Market, By Application ($Million), 2012-2022
Table 2.Safety & Security Systems Market, By Region ($Million), 2012-2022
Table 3.Entertainment Systems Market, By Region ($Million), 2012-2022
Table 4.Powertrain Electronics Market, By Region ($Million), 2012-2022
Table 5.Communication & Navigation Systems Market, By Region ($Million), 2012-2022
Table 6.Chassis Electronics Market, By Region ($Million), 2012-2022
Table 7.Automotive ECU Market, By Region ($Million), 2012-2022
Table 8.North America Automotive ECU Market, By Country, 2012-2022 ($Million)
Table 9.North America Automotive ECU Market, By Application, 2012-2022 ($Million)
Table 10.U.S. Automotive ECU Market, By Application, 2012-2022 ($Million)
Table 11.Canada Automotive ECU Market, By Application, 2012-2022 ($Million)

List of Figures
Figure 1.Automotive ECU Market, By Application, 2012 & 2022 ($Million)
Figure 2.Automotive ECU Market, By Region, 2016, ($Million)
Figure 3.Altera: Net Revenues, 2014-2016 ($Million)
Figure 4.Altera: Net Revenue Share, By Segment, 2016
Figure 5.Altera: Net Revenue Share, By Geography, 2016
Figure 6.Audiovox Corp.: Net Revenues, 2014-2016 ($Million)
Figure 7.Audiovox Corp.: Net Revenue Share, By Segment, 2016
Figure 8.Audiovox Corp.: Net Revenue Share, By Geography, 2016
Figure 9.Bosch Group: Net Revenues, 2014-2016 ($Million)

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