Synthetic Fibers Market – By Product Type, Application, and End-use Industry For 2018

Synthetic Fibers Market Overview:
The Synthetic Fibers Market was worth USD 47.12 billion in the year of 2012 and is expected to reach approximately USD 123.54 billion by 2022, while registering itself at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.12% during the forecast period. The superior mechanical, chemical and physical properties of synthetic fibers are anticipated to boost the market development over the gauge period. Synthetic filaments are derived from polymers and are known as man-made fibers. They reflect profitable properties, for example, lightweight, elasticity, strength, cost-effectiveness, softness, washability and uncommon properties, for example, moisture resistance, crease recovery, high luster, and wrinkle resistance. Attributable to these variables, these fibers are favored in different applications including automotive, furniture, clothing, construction, toys, filtration, different types of ropes and net manufacturing. The expanding consumer inclination towards home furniture is impelling the development in the business portion. The business requires these fibers to make upholstery, bed linen, wall coverings, blankets, carpets, soft home furnishings, and comparable products. The development in the real estate division is powering the expansion in home decorations. The higher existence of retail locations giving the home furniture is another imperative reason driving the market development over the estimate period. The rise in populace; combined with expanding rate of urbanization is additionally having a positive ramifications on the market. According to the United Nations 2014 details, over 51 percent of total populace lives in urban zones, and extra individuals from country territories are anticipated to move in urban zones over the figure time frame and along these lines will bring about the development of home furniture in up and coming years. However, stringent ecological controls associated with non-biodegradability of synthetic fiber represent a challenge to the market in that capacity directions influence the reception rate of synthetic fibers.

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Asia Pacific is evaluated to be the quickest developing area in the upcoming years. In 2016 Asia Pacific was esteemed at USD 34,765.2 million. The expanded request can be ascribed to the existence of various applications automotive, home furnishing, clothing, and filtration. The development of these application portions is anticipated to fuel the interest for the fiber throughout the following years.On the basis of revenue, North America was second-biggest district took after by Europe in 2016. North America held 12.51 percent share in 2016, and the pattern is anticipated to proceed over the figure time frame. Fast development of home furnishing industries and automotive combined with developing attire division in North America, which are among the real parts using synthetic fiber, is anticipated to be a noteworthy driver.

Synthetic Fibers Market-Competitive Insights
The market is divided in nature with the nearness of a few worldwide and local players. Toray Industries Inc., E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation, Lenzing AG, Indorama Corporation, China Petroleum Corporation and Reliance Industries Limited are a portion of the key players, which conform to the administrative structure as gave by various administrative experts in various nations. These organizations additionally put resources into innovative work of synthetic fibers particular to applications, for example, home furnishings, clothing and filtration. The players in the m

Synthetic Fibers Market-Type Outlook and Trend Analysis
The requirement for polyester is expanding as affordable synthetic fiber in apparel application because of ascends in middle-class populace in developing economies. This sector is labor intensive, and consequently the accessibility of cheap work in developing economies is boosting the generation.Asia Pacific area is ruling in both the creation and utilization of polyester and the pattern is anticipated to proceed over the conjecture time frame. Polyester developed as the most critical portion holding offer of 48.26 percent of aggregate income in China, for 2016. It is anticipated to develop at a significant rate in the upcoming years.The Government of India has extend out the legitimacy up to 12 January 2018 on the counter dumping obligation forced on nylon fiber yarn from Indonesia, Malaysia, China, South Korea and Thailand. The augmentation of legitimacy is anticipated to fuel the development of nylon fragment in the India. The Industrial employments of nylon incorporate assembling of tire cord, hoses, ropes and nets, tarpaulins, conveyer and seat belts, monofilament fishing line, parachutes, tents, sleeping bags, racket strings airbags, thread and similar other products.

Synthetic Fibers Market-Application Outlook and Trend Analysis
Clothing developed as the real end-use section representing 45.48 percent of the worldwide share of revenue in 2016. Clothing sector incorporates work wear, menswear, children wear and women’s wear. The ascent in the quantity of city occupants who like to purchase convenient to maintain clothing is bringing about expanded requirement. The customers require clothing which is hassle free, provides protection, and convenient to maintain because of a boisterous way of life in urban zones. As clothing made by making use of synthetic fibers has all the fundamental properties, its demand is anticipated to grow, which is thusly anticipated to bring about expanding interest for polyester. There is tremendous advancement potential for clothing sector in rising economies, for example, China and India.The upsurge in infrastructural exercises in these countries has prompted expanding request from building and development area, which will help the demand of home furnishings. The launch of different government plans, for example, Make in India and Smart City designs is additionally expected to raise the market for home outfitting over the estimate time frame.

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Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Market Overview
Synthetic Fibers Market, By Type
Synthetic Fibers Market, By Application
Synthetic Fibers Market, By Region
Company Profiles
7.1. Bombay Dyeing
7.1.1. Business Overview
7.1.2. Product Portfolio
7.1.3. Key Financials
7.1.4. Strategic Developments
7.2. E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
7.2.1. Business Overview
7.2.2. Product Portfolio
7.2.3. Key Financials
7.2.4. Strategic Developments
7.3. Indorama Corporation
7.3.1. Business Overview
7.3.2. Product Portfolio
7.3.3. Key Financials
7.3.4. Strategic Developments
7.4. Lenzing AG
7.4.1. Business Overview
7.4.2. Type Portfolio
7.4.3. Key Financials
7.4.4. Strategic Developments
7.5. Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation

List of Tables
Table 1.Global Synthetic Fibers Market, By Type, 2014-2023 ($Million)
Table 2.Polyester Market, By Region, 2014-2023 ($Million)
Table 3.NylonMarket, By Region, 2014-2023 ($Million)
Table 4.Acrylics Market, By Region, 2014-2023 ($Million)
Table 5.Polyolefin Market, By Region, 2014-2023 ($Million)
Table 6.Other Types Market, By Region, 2014-2023 ($Million)
Table 7.Global Synthetic FibersMarket, By Application, 2014-2023 ($Million)
Table 8.ClothingMarket, By Region, 2014-2023 ($Million)
Table 9.Home FurnishingMarket, By Region, 2014-2023 ($Million)
Table 10.AutomotiveMarket, By Region, 2014-2023 ($Million)
Table 11.Filtration Market, By Region, 2014-2023 ($Million)
Table 12.Other Applications Market, By Region, 2014-2023 ($Million)
Table 13.North America Synthetic Fibers Market, By Country, 2014-2023 ($Million)
Table 14.North America Synthetic Fibers Market, By Type, 2014-2023 ($Million)
Table 15.North America Synthetic Fibers Market, By Application, 2014-2023 ($Million)

List of Figures:
Figure 1.Global Synthetic Fibers MarketShare, By Type, 2012 & 2023
Figure 2.Global Synthetic Fibers Market, By Application, 2014 & 2023($Million)
Figure 3.Global Synthetic Fibers Market, By Region, 2014 & 2023 ($Million)
Figure 4.Bombay Dyeing: Net Revenues, 2014-2016 ($Million)
Figure 5.Bombay Dyeing: Net Revenue Share, By Segment, 2016
Figure 6.Bombay Dyeing: Net Revenue Share, By Geography, 2016
Figure 7.E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company: Net Revenues, 2014-2016 ($Million)
Figure 8.E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company: Net Revenue Share, By Segment, 2016
Figure 9.E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company: Net Revenue Share, By Geography, 2016
Figure 10.Indorama Corporation: Net Revenues, 2014-2016 ($Million)
Figure 11.Indorama Corporation: Net Revenue Share, By Segment, 2016
Figure 12.Indorama Corporation: Net Revenue Share, By Geography, 2016

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