Robotic Surgery – Future of Medical Surgeries

Robotic Surgery is a kind of minimal invasive medical procedure. ” Minimally invasive ” implies that as opposed to working on patients through extensive incisions, robotic surgery utilize very small medical procedure instruments that fit through a progression of quarter-inch cuts. When performing medical procedure with the da Vinci Si, one of the world’s most developed robot for surgical procedures, these very small instruments are assembled on three separate mechanical arms, permitting the surgeon greatest scope of movement and exactness. The da Vinci’s fourth arm contains a magnified 3-D high- definition camera that aides the surgeon amid the surgical procedure.

The surgeon controls the instruments and the camera from the operating room using a console. Putting his fingers in the master controls, the surgeon can operate every one of the four arms of the da Vinci at the same time while glancing through a stereoscopic HD monitor that truly puts him inside the patient, giving him a superior, more point by point 3-D perspective of the operating area than that provided by the human eye. Each move he makes with the master controls is recreated definitely by the robot. Whenever it is mandatory, the surgeon can even change the size of the robot’s moves: If the surgeon chooses a three-to-one scale, the tip of the robot’s arm will show movement only for one inch for each three inches according to movement of the surgeon’s hand. Furthermore, due to the design of console, the surgeon’s hands and eyes are in every case splendidly lined up with his perspective of the surgical area, limiting fatigue of surgeon.


Robotic surgery has effectively tended to the confinements of traditional thoracoscopic and laparoscopic surgery, hence permitting completion of advanced and complex surgeries with expanded accuracy in the approach of minimally invasive. As opposed to the awkward positions that are needed in the laparoscopic surgical procedure, the surgeon is comfortably seated on the console of robotic surgery, a course of action that diminishes the physical burden on the surgeon. Instead of the level, 2-dimensional picture that is gotten through the consistent laparoscopic camera, the surgeon gets a 3-dimensional view that improves depth of perception; camera movement is stable and appropriately controlled by the surgeon operating at that instant by means of manual master controls or voice-actuated controls. Additionally, control of the robotic arm instruments enhances scope of movement contrasted and conventional laparoscopic instruments, in this way enabling the surgeon to execute more complicated movements during surgery.


The Artificial intelligence technology will help control the hands and eyes of surgeons while surgery is been performed, the technique utilizing overlapped imaging or other strategies of detection.

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