Major opportunity in Telehealth

Telehealth includes the dispersion of health related solutions and data by means of electronic data and media transmission technologies. It permits contact between doctors and patient over a long distance along with provision of advice, care, updates, monitoring, intervention, education and remote admissions. It also facilitates meetings, distance learning programs, presentations and supervision among practitioners; online data and health information management and integration of healthcare services. Telehealth  incorporates two clinicians talking about a case over video conference; an automated surgery happening through remote access with the help of robots; therapies that are carried out by means of digital monitoring instruments, live feed and combinations of applications; tests being sent throughout facilities for understanding by a higher expert; home observing through consistent sending of patient health information and online conferences of patients and practitioners for consultation. With the ageing and developing population base, medical advances are made which help to increase the life span, requires increment on the social healthcare foundation. Providers of healthcare services to accomplish more, with no expansion in financing, or are urged to move to new models of subsidizing and care. In rural zones there is lack of transport as well as inadequate mobility among the elderly or disabled, diminished subsidizing or absence of staffing confine the access to care, telehealth can cross over these barriers framing an enhanced healthcare foundation.

Advantageous Components of Telehealth

Remote patient monitoring (RPM): Health and medical information accumulation from a person in one area by means of electronic correspondence technologies, which is transmitted to a supplier in the other location for use in consultation and support. Services as such enable a healthcare provider to keep a track of the data of a patient being discharged to lessen readmission rates.

Live video: Two- way interaction on real-time basis between the patient and a healthcare provider utilizing varying media broadcast communications technology. This facilitates hassle-free discussions between practitioners and higher authorities over a case as well as consultation between patients and doctors in case of doubts regarding an issue or doses.

Mobile health (mHealth):  It is the act of health and public wellbeing bolstered with the help of mobile devices. The term is most ordinarily utilized in reference to utilizing mobile devices, for example, cell phones, tablets, laptops and wearable gadgets, for example, smart watches, for information collection and health services. The mHealth field has developed as a sub-section of eHealth, the usage of information and communication technology (ICT), for example, PCs, cell phones, interchanges satellite, quiet screens, and so forth, for health information and services.

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