Future of Wireless Communication Li-Fi

Li-Fi is referred to as Light Fidelity; Li-Fi is another innovative method in the field of wireless communication that utilizes LED lights for wireless transmission of information. Transmission of information is one of the most vital everyday exercises in the quickly developing world. The present wireless communication systems that associate human to the Internet are moderate when numbers of gadgets are associated. Additionally with the expansion in the gadgets count which gets to the Internet, the accessibility of bandwidth of fixed transmission capacity makes it substantially harder to appreciate high transfer rates of data and to interface a protected system. The radio waves are only a little piece of the available electromagnetic spectrum for exchange of information.

Li-Fi has a considerably more extensive transmission spectrum contrasted with conventional techniques for communication through wireless medium that depend on the radio waves. The fundamental belief behind this innovation is that the information may be transferred using LED light by differing intensities of light quicker than that visible to human eyes. The Li-Fi innovation utilizes a piece of electromagnetic spectrum which is still not the enormously used “The Visible Spectrum”, rather than the Gigahertz radio waves for transfer of information.

Li-Fi that can refer to as data communication future offers an impression of being a quick and cost-effective variant of Wi-Fi. Being the Visible Light Communication (VLC), the Li-Fi utilizes the visible light of electromagnetic spectrum in the range of 400 THz and 800 THz as optical transporter for transmission of information and light. It utilizes quick pulses of LED light to transmit data through a medium that is wireless. The principle segments of the basic system of Li-Fi can include the following:

A white LED with high brightness which behaves as source of transmission.

A silicon photodiode with great response to the visible light source acting as component for reception.


The proposal of Li-Fi was presented initially by Harald Hass a German physicist at the Global talk in TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) on Visible Light Communication (VLC) in July in the year 2011, by citing it to as the “data through illumination”. He utilized a table light fitted with LED bulb to transmit a video which consisted of a blooming flower which was then anticipated on a screen. In basic terms, Li-Fi may be thought of as the light-based Wi-Fi i.e. rather than radio waves it employs light for data transmission. Instead of Wi-Fi modems, the Li-Fi technology might utilize the transceivers having the LED lights that might light a room and also receive & transmit data.


Education systems for providing high speed net.

Internet at cheaper rates in aircrafts where passengers travelling get access to internet with a low speed and at very high price.

Disaster management as a useful mean of communication during a disaster situation like the earthquake or hurricanes.

Applications in sensitive areas like the power plants which require systems that are faster and inter-connected data.

Traffic management for communicating with passing vehicles.

Mobile Connectivity for easy connection with very other device with provided higher security and data rates.

Innovative technology for replacing other technologies like the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, infrared, etc. are banned.

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