Buying Something on Amazon Just Click the Product Pic on Snapchat and Purchase

See some interesting product, take a snap on your Snapchat and purchase on Amazon.

Ya, this is possible now, as the e-commerce giant Amazon is partnering with Snapchat to retain its supremacy in the e-shopping challenging the social sites like Instagram & Pinterest. The project of announced recently by Snapchat is codenamed “Eagle” which is a type of search feature that includes visual search.

How it works?

The user just needs to use the Snapchat’s camera to click the physical product or to scan the barcode of that product, which ultimately gives a list of similar products (with factors including the thumbnail image, price, title, review score of that product and availability) for purchase. When clicked on the product to be purchased, the search will direct to the Amazon app or the website where the product is available. The Snapchat feature detects what is been scanned like the QR Snapcode or the product is clicked, then after that the Amazon’s system which has vision tech checks for the artwork, logos, package covering or some other rare feature in the click to search the product.

Why is the market heating up?

The total e-commerce market is heating up as other organizations are also coming up with some new features.

Firstly, Instagram a social media platform, has included Shopping tags in its story section and also has provided an Shopping Channel feature in its Explore, similar is the case with Pinterest which has the feature of Shop the Look pins which gained it a whooping user count of nearly 250 million monthly.

According to research of Murphy Research & GfK, about 20 percent users of Snapchat in the US have made online purchase previously than the non-users and about 60 percent more are likely to make purchase in the coming period.

Something’s in general…

The new feature of Snapchat has functionality similar to that of Pinterest Lens which is also a tool of visual search. Recently a video was launched featuring the new advancement of Snapchat, it showed the identification of shoe from Under Armour’s HOVR (which listed all other products of that brand) also barcode of clean matte liquid makeup by CoverGirl’s was scanned.

The feature can be an aid to Snapchat that is losing its shares as well as users, the user count went from 191 million to about 188 million of the active daily users during the past quarter year and cutting down the money by $353 million. The partnership will help Snapchat more than the in-house technology build-up and will minimize the losses in finance also adding the growth in the user count.

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