Biosurfactants Market by Product and Application – Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2025

A Research Study Titled, “Biosurfactants Market by Product, Application, Source Type, and Modality – Global Industry Analysis and Forecast To 2025” published by Crystal Market Research, states that the Biosurfactants Market is projected to be around $ 3.21 billion by 2025.

Biosurfactants Market – Competitive Insights:

The global biosurfactant market consists of various major players. The top players are Ecover and BASF Cognis. Other prominent players in the market are Urumqi Unite Bio-Technology Co. Ltd., Saraya Co. Ltd. and Mg Intobio Co. Ltd. The largest manufacturer in the year 2013 was BASF Cogins accounting a share of 20 percent.

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Biosurfactants Market – Industry Outlook and Trend Analysis:

The global biosurfactants market was worth USD 1.81 billion in the year of 2016 and is foreseen to garner roughly USD 3.21 billion by 2025, while registering itself at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.57% during the forecast period. Surfactants are compounds amphiphilic organic that contain both hydrophilic groups that are known as the head and hydrophobic group that are known as the tail. Surfactants in which one of the groups is derived from plants are known as biosurfactants, hence they are not 100 percent derived from plants. Surfactants allow chemicals to blend more conveniently as they decrease the surface tension of liquids. Biosurfactants are made up by utilizing oleochemical raw materials that include oils derived from plants such as coconut oil and palm oil, plant carbohydrates like sucrose, glucose and sorbitol or from tallow -which is an animal fat. Biosurfactants act as extremely beneficial stabilizers like synthetic surfactants and contain foaming and wetting elements that are of immense value in various applications such as cosmetic industry and household detergents. Rising concerns in the environment that are related to the utilization of surfactants that are synthetic such as less degradability is said to be a factor that influences the growth of this market. Surfactants that are synthetic have less degradability unlike biosurfactants that have high degradability and less toxicity. Furthermore, increasing utilization of products that are bio-based is said to spur the growth of this market in the coming years. However, the concern of traditional surfactants being cost competitive may inhibit the growth of this market. Additionally, increased prices and low availability of feedstock due to requirement in various applications like downstream renewable chemicals and biofuels are anticipated to be factors that may restrict the growth of biosurfactants.

Biosurfactants Market – Product Outlook and Trend Analysis:

The surfactant that was consumed widely was Methyl Ester Ketone (MES) that registered 33 percent of the total share in the market in the year 2013. Methyl Ester Ketone is taken from palm and coconut and is a significant alternative to surfactants that are synthetic utilized in detergents. The second largest biosurfactant to be consumed was Alkyl Polyglucoside that accounted 2 percent of the demand globally, in the year 2013. Alkyl Polyglycoside is produced for sugars and fatty alcohols and contains elements that are extremely beneficial for industrial applications. It also contains exceptional foaming elements that provide high stability. Other major products in the market were Sucrose esters and Sorbitan esters that accounted a share of 8 percent in the year 2013.

The global Biosurfactants market is segmented as follows-

Biosurfactants Market – By Product:

Rhamnose Lipids






Other Products

Biosurfactants Market – By Application:


Food Industry


Personal Care

Household Detergents



Other Applications

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Biosurfactants Market – Application Outlook and Trend Analysis:

The major application of biosurfactants was household detergent that held a share of 44.6 percent in the year 2013. Rising concerns in the environment regarding utilization of synthetic surfactants in detergents is anticipated to boost the utilization of biosurfactants as they give out less toxicity. Furthermore, biosurfactants contain exceptional foaming properties in contrast to synthetic surfactants that are beneficial in use of detergents. The second largest consumption of biosurfactants was is in personal care sector that accounted more than 10 percent of the share in the year 2013. The developing market for personal care products in upcoming economies along with rising awareness of the advantages of bio-based products is anticipated to fuel the requirement of biosurfactants. Food processing and industrial applications of biosurfactants held a combined share of 11 percent of the market in the year 2013. Biosurfactants are chemically stable in nature and possess an exceptional cleaning ability, owing to this they are extensively utilized as oil field chemicals.

Biosurfactants Market – By Region:

North America – U.S, Canada, Mexico

Europe – Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Rest of Europe

Asia-Pacific – Japan, China, Australia, India, South Korea, Rest of Asia Pacific

Rest of the World – Brazil, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Others

Biosurfactants Market – Regional Outlook and Trend Analysis:

The largest consumer of biosurfactants was Europe that accounted 50 percent of the global utilization in the year 2013. Such a high amount of biosurfactants in Europe was due to the rising awareness regarding health issues that are caused due to synthetic surfactants among consumers. Additionally, strict regulations imposed in the region promote the utilization of bio-based products instead of instead of using petroleum based products. The second largest consumer of biosurfactants was North America that accounted for a share of more than a quarter in the year 2013. The requirement of biosurfactants in the personal care products is said to fuel the demand in that region. Asia Pacific is anticipated to witness significant growth over the forecast period due to increasing applications.

Biosurfactants Market – List of Tables:

Table 1.Biosurfactants Market, By Product ($Million), 2016-2025
Table 2.Rhamnose Lipids Market, By Region ($Million), 2016-2025
Table 3.Glycolipids Market, By Region ($Million), 2016-2025
Table 4.Polysaccharides Market, By Region ($Million), 2016-2025
Table 5.Sophorolipids Market, By Region ($Million), 2016-2025
Table 6.Lipopeptides Market, By Region ($Million), 2016-2025
Table 7.Phospholipids Market, By Region ($Million), 2016-2025
Table 8.Other Products Market, By Region ($Million), 2016-2025
Table 9.Biosurfactants Market, By Application ($Million), 2016-2025

Biosurfactants Market – List of Figures:

Figure 1.Biosurfactants Market Share, By Product, 2016 & 2025 ($Million)
Figure 2.Biosurfactants Market, By Application, 2016 & 2025 ($Million)
Figure 4.Biosurfactants Market, By Region, 2016, ($Million)
Figure 5.BASF SE: Net Revenues, 2014-2016 ($Million)
Figure 6.BASF SE: Net Revenue Share, By Segment, 2016
Figure 7.BASF SE: Net Revenue Share, By Geography, 2016
Figure 8.Kao Corporation: Net Revenues, 2014-2016 ($Million)
Figure 9.Kao Corporation: Net Revenue Share, By Segment, 2016

Key findings of the Biosurfactants Market – 

  • The Largest application segment in 2013 was household detergents that consumed 153.5 kilo tons of biosurfactants. Increasing requirement of viable products for cleaning is expected to spur the growth of this market.
  • Personal care application is anticipated to register considerable gain due to the emerging market in Asia Pacific. Moreover, increasing awareness among consumers in regard to the benefits of products that are bio-based is one of the major factors influencing the growth of this market.
  • The biggest regional market for biosurfactants was Europe that consumed 178.9 kilo tons in the year 2013. On the other hand the Asia Pacific market is expected to witness growth in the following years due to emerging industries.

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