Airless Tires – Don’t Worry About Puncture

The Airless Tires, or the non-pneumatic tires (NPT), are tires which are not upheld by pressure of air. They are utilized on a few small size vehicles such as motorized golf carts and riding lawn mowers. They are moreover utilized on heavy gear like the backhoes that are required to function on various sites like the building demolition, where the hazard of puncturing of tire is high. The tires are made of foam having structure like the closed-cell polyurethane is moreover manufactured for wheelchairs and bikes.


When the Airless Tires are put to use on the street, the spokes retain the impacts of the road the same way pressure of air does in pneumatic tires. The shear and tread binds misshape incidentally as the spokes twist, at that point rapidly spring back into shape. These tires can be made with diverse pressures of spokes, permitting for distinctive dealing with characteristics.

More malleable spokes result in ride that is more comfortable with increased handing of vehicle. The sidelong firmness of the tires is additionally adjustable. But, the alteration of the tire once it has been fabricated is not possible.


No more flat tires ever:

With airless tires technology, people will never have to bother about the problem of leaking tires spilling as non-pneumatic tires do not have any air so no air leak. For many of the drivers, the feature will sound nothing short of progressive.

Carrying spares not required:

Since people won’t have to do repairing or changing of flat tire, so there is no need to carry a spare tire. No spare tire moreover implies less weight of the automobile and less weight implies better fuel economy.

Reduction in emission of CO2

Approximately 90% of loss of energy comes from resistance created by tire rolling. But the airless tires have same level of low resistance caused by tire rolling which in turn contributes to minimization in emissions of CO2 level in atmosphere.


The concept of airless tire is one of the activities aiming toward utilization of economical materials. The materials utilized for the tire are recyclable, which contributes to the productive utilization of resources.


The progressing advancement of the concept air-less tire are a more eco-friendly item than the existing tires and focuses to bring about commercialization in the utilization in a wide numbers of vehicles sooner. Through the viable asset utilization and effective operations nearby CO2 outflows from made strides fuel effectiveness, as it focuses to attain balance between the environment and trade.

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